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We are a team of chemists, biochemists and biologists united by an interest in carbohydrates and natural products. Our home is in beautiful city of Norwich, UK at John Innes Centre (JIC), an independent international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology.  The research group of Professor Rob Field works in interface of chemistry and biology focusing on developing and exploiting chemical tools and principles to address questions in plant and microbial carbohydrate metabolism. Projects typically involve some combination of chemical and enzymatic synthesis, inhibitor design and assessment, biochemistry, structural biology, metabolomic, proteomic and transcriptomic analysis. From a biology perspective, we work cross-Kingdom: Arabidopsis, barley, Euglena, Streptomyces, E. coli, flu virus, the African and American trypanosome.


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July 2016



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Department of Biological Chemistry
John Innes Centre
Norwich Research Park
United Kingdom